Department of OBG


  1. (a)Homoeopathy adopts the same attitude towards this subject as it does towards Medicine & Surgery, but while dealing with Gynaecology and Obstetrics cases, a Homoeopathic physician must be trained in special clinical methods of investigation for diagnosing local conditions and individualising cases, the surgical intervention either as a life saving measure or for removing mechanical obstacles, if necessary, as well as their management by using homoeopathic medicines & other auxiliary methods of treatment.

(b) Pregnancy is the best time to eradicate genetic dyscrasias in women and this should be specially stressed, & students shall also be instructed in the care of new born.

(c)The fact that the mother & child form a single biological unit and that this peculiar close physiological relation-ship persists for at-least the first two years of the child’s life should be particularly emphasised.

  1. A course of instructions in the principles and practice of Gynaecology and Obstetrics & infant hygiene, care including the applied anatomy & physiology of pregnancy and labour will be given.
  2. Examination & investigations in gynaecological and obstetrical cases shall be stressed and scope of Homoeopathy in this subject shall be taught in detail.
  3. The study shall start in Second BHMS& shall be completed in the Third BHMS & the examination will be held in Third BHMS.

Faculty Details


Dr. Rajeev  D. Patil
Professor & HOD

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Dr. (Mrs) S.R. Doddanavar
Associate Professor

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Dr. (Mrs) Rajashree Misale
Asst. Professor

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