Department of Medicine


Name of the Department: PRACTICE OF MEDICINE

This subject has major contribution in the curriculum and it is taught in the Third and Final year of BHMS course. The subject emphases in depth knowledge of causation, evolution, symptomatology, progress, complications, prevention and management of various diseased states of all the systems of the Human body. It also helps the students to understand therapeutic aspect of treatment in clinical practice.

Aim: A student shall be able to

  • Take case in detail keeping in mind the scientific and artistic approach.
  • Make a thorough physical general examination and systemic examination.
  • Understand the common investigations appropriate to the case.
  • Interpret the results of investigation to know the pace of the disease and its progress.
  • Correlate the health disturbances with basics of Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry.
  • Understand the evolution of disease about its causation, manifestations, maintenance and prognosis.
  • Gain the knowledge about factors, which will worsen or improve the disturbance including various medicines and non-medicinal measures and respective possible response elucidation by application of measures.

Understand the scope and limitation of Homoeopathy in a given case including identification of medical emergencies and take appropriate measures.

Make plan of treatment including general measures, diet and regimen.

Annual/ semester/choice based credit system (Programme wise): ANNUAL Examination is conducted at the end of the Final year in UG by University.

Faculty Details


Dr. S.B. Konkani
Principal/Professor & HOD

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Dr. Amey Jathar
Associate Professor

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Dr. (Mrs) Deepika S. Bhandary
Assistant Professor

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Dr. R.R. Walvekar (Guest Faculty)

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Dr.Gururj M Udchankar
Asso. Professor (Guest Faculty)

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Dr. Attiq G. (Guest Faculty)
Associate Professor

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