Department of Pharmacy



The subject of Pharmacy deals with the study of sources, identification, collection, preservation, special methods of preparation, combining, compounding and standardization of the drugs. It also deals with the general working knowledge of Pharmaceutical industries and dispensing various preparations. The subject mainly emphasizes the Concept of Drug Proving and Drug Dynamisation, and on evolution and relationship of Homoeopathic Pharmacy to Organon of Medicine and Materia Medica. It includes the elementary history of Botany, Zoology and chemistry with rules of their nomenclature and their respective terminologies. Further it also included the study of modes of administration of medicines and posology.

Aim: At the end of course students shall

    • Demonstrate the acquisition of the basic knowledge of the principles and practice of homoeopathic pharmacy.
    • Exhibit and understanding of the evolution of the various aspects of Homoeopathic Pharmacy with future projection.
    • Demonstrate the knowledge of the scientific and logical basis of the principles and practice of dynamisation.
    • List the techniques of drug proving.
    • Enumerate the methods of quality testing, storing, dispensing.
    • Recall laws relating to Pharmaceutical industry in general and Homoeopathy in particular.

Faculty Details

dr.jyoti kamat

Dr Mrs Jyoti. S.Dabholkar
Professor & HOD

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dr.basavraj adi

Dr. Basavaraj S. Adi
Asst. Professor

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Dr.Prachi Dravid

Asst. Professor

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